Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let Flux automatically adjust your monitor settings according to time of the day, for reduced eye stress!

This is one of the application that deserves to occupy your system tray space every hour you work! Flux is a nifty application that silently runs in the background and Capture_007keeps adjusting the temperature setting for your monitor for a stress free working environment! This is such a reliever application, which assists you while you work. Just enter your location information( latitudes and logis) with the help of a location guide button which helps you track your current location via a map, and you are ready for this application to assist you while you stare at that screen of yours!

This is good only while you are not playing games or doing any high graphics involving job. Best while you are surfing, writing a note entry or doing any textual work. This is a free application and promises to do the job well for you!  flux

Before you see this application work for you, just a setting needs to be adjusted as per your viewing comforts. just adjust the slider for “Night” time to a lower comfortable value. and there it goes “up-ready and running” for you! if you install this during night time…you’ll see that your screen went yellowish( if it wasn’t already set to high temperature setting! ) just adjust the slider and get ready to toll. you also need to set your location in the option provided, though it tries to get to your closest location and does fine. but still, the exact value will work better!flux2

just disable it for the time you play games or do any graphical work through a one click option in the system tray icon for one hour.

After using this application for a while, you’ll feel that this becomes indispensible for your work! it’s like having a personal guide every time you work, who takes Care of your eyes and viewing pleasures!

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Download FLUX[via stereopsis]

Monday, May 4, 2009

How to Divide Your computer screen into regions with “MaxTo” and go multi tasking!

You are surfing the web on your browser Capture_008and need to copy some content to your word file running in the background! How will you do it? Most people will go switching between the two soft wares by clicking in the taskbar. That’s such a pain to work out if you have a long assignment waiting to be finished and most part of it need you to work simultaneously on multiple applications. Wouldn’t it be great if you could divide the screen into two or more regions for you to keep your eyes on, at the same time? and in-fact to interoperate amongst multiple apps? Yes, it sound pretty cool and productive! all you need is a good screen size ( though it works on smaller monitors too, but for some, it may seem chaotic and all-messed-up!). The application is name MaxTo and according to the developer’s website,

“ MaxTo is a small Windows program that divides your monitor into regions. When you maximize a window, it will no longer fit the entire screen, but only the region it was maximized into. Your windows are neatly organized into the grid you have defined when they are maximized. MaxTo has been described as a tiling window manager. ”

Capture_007MaxTo is a very light-weight application which works on both 64-bit and 32-bit ver sions of Windows XP and Windows Vista. The .NET framework version 2.0 or higher is required for it. if you need full  screen space to work in an application, a simple shortcut of holding the shift key will disable it.

When you double click its icon in your system tray, it will display a screen to drag handles and divide the screen as you desire.its that simple. it has a multi monitor support and the best thing?? yes…it’s available Free for Download! Grab this tool and get more productive at work!download icon

Download [MaxTo]

Sunday, May 3, 2009

500 GB on a DVD-sized disk! That’s what growing exponentially is!

WoW!!! That was the first words that sailed though my brain when i Capture_005first heard of it. Not because i was finding a solution to store my   collection of movies on, or making a backup of my system, instead it was because i was happy that the world had found seen something that actually was witnessing EXPONENTIAL growth over the years. optical storage media! Not many months had passed with the Blu-Ray coming into the reach of common people, and here we see another development in the storage media sector.

General Electric or GE has demoed an optical disc which can up to 500GB of data and possibly even more. The new disc has the same size as conventional DVDs, but it can hold the equivalent of 100 DVD discs or 20 single-layer Blu-ray discs. The micro-holographic disc developed by GE represents the next-gen in optical storage, however, the company says that their discs will soon be entering the market and users will use players similar to DVD or Blu-ray disc players.

GE experts are using holographic techniques to store data in a 3D format rather than the conventional methods of storing data into layers. Conventionally, the data is written in the form of Ones or Zeroes embedded on the layers. The telegraph reads and writes data the same way like today’s discs do with data burnt and read using lasers. Lately mass storage has been possible using shorter and shorter wavelength lasers.

But this is something else. Abandoning the traditional ‘pits and Hvd_discgroove’ method data is burnt in a holographic way that is 3D volumetric patterns using chemical methods. These discs are made of special polycarbonate materials and the material changes its chemical composition when bombarded by a certain type of laser. These discs are read by optical drives very similar to those for reading BluRay discs having special kind of laser. The company claims that these optical drives can be made compatible to read CDs , DVDs and BluRays.

A pair of laser beams is used to write data into discs of light-sensitive plastic, with both aiming at the same spot. One beam shines continuously, while the other pulses on and off to encode patches that represent digital 0s and 1s.

Gloss PNGKKMenu_3D At the points where the lasers meet, the intense light causes molecules in the disc's material to merge into chains, creating a physical pattern that locks the 0s and 1s into the disc. This pattern can be read back at a later date using another laser because the changed patches interact differently with light.

However, in the plastic normally used for holographic data storage, the s tructural changes caused by the laser also cause the material to shrink. Even though the volume change is tiny - around 0.23% - the distortion is enough to make reading the data from the disc tricky and means that the 1s and 0s can't be burned at the highest densities.

This also suggests that the disk without any protective covering, will be extremely prone to data loss due to minor scratches also.

Watch this video to understand how they developed something with such high storage capacities!

As they are determined to develop a disk with storing capabilities over 1TB, you never know when it lands in your palms, it might have already crossed the 1 Tibs bar.

Retrieve your forgotten windows passwords. [Tutorial For the month]

How many time have you had your windows logon screen staring at  Military wob you in hostility? Just ‘cause you forgot or mis-spelt your windows account password! Almost all of us have faced such situation where we throw our fingers at the keyboard relentlessly just to crack that password!

One walkthrough to this situation is if we have our Administrator account enabled(by default) and unaltered( without password ). It makes sense to hit ctrl+alt+Del a few times at logon screen where it asks for the password. This switches the welcome screen to classic style where you have to manually enter the username and password. Just type Administrator in the username and keep the password blank and hit enter. you’ll get in! then create a new administrator account from the control panel. but what in case you had password protected the administrator account earlier and now you don’t remember it???  There’s another workaround and very efficient one too! Ophcrack live CD 2.1.0

How to…?

Just burn the disk image you download from here onto a blank CD. ophcrack1It is bootable hence you need to boot your system using this disk. DO make sure you download the Live cd for the correct operating system you use.

To set your system boot using CD

Step 1. Just after you power-on your Pc, and while its starting up, hit DEL a few times. this should bring up a Blue screen with settings. This is your Bios(Basic Input Output System) setup screen.

Step 2. Just search for “Boot settings”( or related) on the displayed screen. Take your cursor to it using the directional key and press Enter.

Step 3. take cursor to the “First Boot device” and press “+” ( or refer to keys on the screen help) till you find your CD ROM. press F10 and press Enter.

Now, just insert the Ophcrack live cd you burnt earlier in Your drive and restart the system. The system will boot using the CD you burnt.

-You’ll see a simple desktop screen. Let it function automatically and a window will pop up which will show your Operating system password for every user account.

-Eject your disk and restart the system and now you can logon with the password the magical application just retrieved for you.ophcrack-4Note: At our Testlabs, we found that most of the password types were retrieved but it was unable to retrieve the passwords composed of only spaces. we mean that the password field was blank without any indication that whether the password has been retrieved or not. 

The Final verdict!

This is one of the most efficient tool over the years which retrieves passwords for a system by efficient implementation of Rainbow tables. The best thing about it is that it’s completely Free for download. This is a professional-like tool and works like charm. Hats off the the developers for releasing it to public for Free!3d warmblended

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Download[Ophcrack Live CD 2.1.0 for Xp]

Download[Ophcrack Live CD 2.1.0 for Vista]

Friday, May 1, 2009

Google streetview. Taking a virtual walk down the streets.

Google seems working hard adding feathers to its cap which contribute a good to bring it in world’s top most admired organizations’ list.

though it has been long since google made its streetview technology public but it has been improving over the time and this made us tell you more of it.

Google Street View is a feature of Google maps and Google earth that provides for many streets in the world 360° horizontal and 290° vertical panoramic views from a row of positions along the street (one in every 10 or 20 meters, or so), from a height of about two meters. It was launched on May 25, 2007, and has gradually expanded to include more cities, and in these cities more streets, and also some rural areas. These photographs are currently available for countries including United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. Coverage is shown by dragging "pegman" from its position, on a map of any scale. Pegman is an animated character which sails over the google maps as you navigate.

The google street View car, is the key element which mounts a special google_street_view_car_prius_gets_ticketcamera over its roof which records through its 11 eyes in different directions this provides you a very attractive 3d space view of the world to explore by the streets. This is an amazing technology. The quality of pictures you witness is extremely good and that forces you think how much amount of space might be required for their storage. During their scheduled times, these vans keep travelling round the famous cities and building their databases and capturing content.

The Street View camera  One of the many secrets behind the camera_headtechnology is a patented 11 lens camera system that simultaneously takes photos in 11 directions based on a dodecahedron geometry. They can capture 30 frames a second of high resolution photography. That's right - we're talking high resolution video in digital 360.

The Official video

Visit StreetView[Via Google Maps]

Know ‘bout the enabling technology.[ The immersive Media]

Click Here for a very amazing video that will leave you drooling.