Sunday, May 3, 2009

Retrieve your forgotten windows passwords. [Tutorial For the month]

How many time have you had your windows logon screen staring at  Military wob you in hostility? Just ‘cause you forgot or mis-spelt your windows account password! Almost all of us have faced such situation where we throw our fingers at the keyboard relentlessly just to crack that password!

One walkthrough to this situation is if we have our Administrator account enabled(by default) and unaltered( without password ). It makes sense to hit ctrl+alt+Del a few times at logon screen where it asks for the password. This switches the welcome screen to classic style where you have to manually enter the username and password. Just type Administrator in the username and keep the password blank and hit enter. you’ll get in! then create a new administrator account from the control panel. but what in case you had password protected the administrator account earlier and now you don’t remember it???  There’s another workaround and very efficient one too! Ophcrack live CD 2.1.0

How to…?

Just burn the disk image you download from here onto a blank CD. ophcrack1It is bootable hence you need to boot your system using this disk. DO make sure you download the Live cd for the correct operating system you use.

To set your system boot using CD

Step 1. Just after you power-on your Pc, and while its starting up, hit DEL a few times. this should bring up a Blue screen with settings. This is your Bios(Basic Input Output System) setup screen.

Step 2. Just search for “Boot settings”( or related) on the displayed screen. Take your cursor to it using the directional key and press Enter.

Step 3. take cursor to the “First Boot device” and press “+” ( or refer to keys on the screen help) till you find your CD ROM. press F10 and press Enter.

Now, just insert the Ophcrack live cd you burnt earlier in Your drive and restart the system. The system will boot using the CD you burnt.

-You’ll see a simple desktop screen. Let it function automatically and a window will pop up which will show your Operating system password for every user account.

-Eject your disk and restart the system and now you can logon with the password the magical application just retrieved for you.ophcrack-4Note: At our Testlabs, we found that most of the password types were retrieved but it was unable to retrieve the passwords composed of only spaces. we mean that the password field was blank without any indication that whether the password has been retrieved or not. 

The Final verdict!

This is one of the most efficient tool over the years which retrieves passwords for a system by efficient implementation of Rainbow tables. The best thing about it is that it’s completely Free for download. This is a professional-like tool and works like charm. Hats off the the developers for releasing it to public for Free!3d warmblended

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Download[Ophcrack Live CD 2.1.0 for Xp]

Download[Ophcrack Live CD 2.1.0 for Vista]