Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Let Flux automatically adjust your monitor settings according to time of the day, for reduced eye stress!

This is one of the application that deserves to occupy your system tray space every hour you work! Flux is a nifty application that silently runs in the background and Capture_007keeps adjusting the temperature setting for your monitor for a stress free working environment! This is such a reliever application, which assists you while you work. Just enter your location information( latitudes and logis) with the help of a location guide button which helps you track your current location via a map, and you are ready for this application to assist you while you stare at that screen of yours!

This is good only while you are not playing games or doing any high graphics involving job. Best while you are surfing, writing a note entry or doing any textual work. This is a free application and promises to do the job well for you!  flux

Before you see this application work for you, just a setting needs to be adjusted as per your viewing comforts. just adjust the slider for “Night” time to a lower comfortable value. and there it goes “up-ready and running” for you! if you install this during night time…you’ll see that your screen went yellowish( if it wasn’t already set to high temperature setting! ) just adjust the slider and get ready to toll. you also need to set your location in the option provided, though it tries to get to your closest location and does fine. but still, the exact value will work better!flux2

just disable it for the time you play games or do any graphical work through a one click option in the system tray icon for one hour.

After using this application for a while, you’ll feel that this becomes indispensible for your work! it’s like having a personal guide every time you work, who takes Care of your eyes and viewing pleasures!

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Download FLUX[via stereopsis]