Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have a research or school project waiting?? ask Factbites!

People at have worked upon a search technique aimed at providing you the enormous power of an encyclopaedia while you search. whether you need to find some facts and information for any school college research project or just need to acquire some information on any topic on earth that interests you, the results shown are interesting and informative which can properly lead you to the bits of exact information you were searching.


While other search engines link relevance with popularity, FactBites draws on the web’s vast amount of encyclopedias and information websites such as Wikipedia and more specialised ones to provide you with factual information. All you need with no excess useless stuff. And as they say “where results make sense”. This is a very good alternative to our dearest Google when it come to getting factual information or relevant information with neatly organised search results all at one place. So next time you need help, refer to must try!