Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sing along Your Music! Minilyrics displays lyrics as your song plays.

Always wanted to enjoy your precious music collection all the way more? here, minilyrics[5]now you can! using minylyrics which displays your song lyrics in the desired position on your screen as your computer plays your favourite music. though it has been there for quite some time now but for those who are fascinated by the ability your PC will be empowered with, it’s always new and fresh. All languages are supported! Including HINDI. Just play your favorite music player and minilyrics will pop-up. Most of the times, it will find automatically the lyrics for your song from the internet but in case, the metadata of  your mp3 or other music files have been altered or does not resemble the actual song name then, you will have to manually search for song lyrics.

As minilyrics pops up, jus press the SEARCH button, this will display text boxes for artist and song, fill in the correct information and hit the BEGIN SEARCH button, a number for search results will be generated, choose the one that has highest resemblance with your desired song, and with the highest ratings. hit the download button, minilyrics will take a second or two before it gets your lyrics in synchronization with your currently playing song. You’ll have to do this once for ever song as it saves downloadin your hddisk for use when you’re not online.   Sing along and enjoy!

                                                                                           Download [Via Crintsoft]