Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Install Linux mint for a great linux desktop Experience.

LML Ubuntu has recently been updated to ver 9.10, known as “karmik Koala”. Along with it, has updated the very famous Linux mint to version 8,Halena. It is based in good old ubuntu but is more polished and sleek with wide support at a click of a button on its desktop using xchat. Download it from here and install it along with your current windows or linux installation or do a fresh install. Though it derives its underlying technology from UBUNTU, but it’s much more sleek and efficient. With its completely new and fresh interface, it won’t let you miss your windows system much. Preloaded with many useful applications and with its unique and very handy package Manager, its one of the best Linux distros to try. Easy to work and light on system resources, linux mint will not eye your pocket like windows does, since it’s absolutely free of charge download as other Linux developments. A Must try for Ubuntu users.