Tuesday, January 26, 2010

How to connect to Dial-up internet/broadband(PPPOE) using Ubuntu or Linux Mint??


Ubuntu (Or Linux mint , for that purpose) is a good and prevalent linux distro, But  is having some hidden setting which are not easy to figure out for a newbie. We noticed a problem on first installing ubuntu that it couldn’t connect Using PPPOE to the internet using GUI. After some hits and trials, we got to the core of it, and figured a way to connect. here’s how…

1. Open SYSTEM->Terminal

2. now write Sudo pppoeconf and press Enter. Your ADSL modem should be ON and stable( Yellow DSL Light stable,NOT blinking)

3. Authenticate your action by typing your LINUX account password.

4. Now enter Internet connection account Username.

5. Enter your password and follow the instructions and select YES when asked to activate the connection. that’s all.

6. You are connected now.