Saturday, January 16, 2010

Download and install your favorite applications automatically, Hassle free!!

Got a new PC or laptop?? or a freshly installed windows?? then installing your favourite applicationsninite might be in your to-do list and some of you might be at it. Ninite is an online application that lets you choose your favourite software from a list and then automatically installs the latest versions on your machine without you even clicking approvals. Just visit and select the software you want to install, then click on download Installer button there. This will give you a small file to download which contains information ‘bout the choices you made online. all you have to do is to run this application and that’s it. It automatically installs everything for you directly from the web locations ensuring that you get the latest versions. Plus it takes care of all the additional toolbars and useless junky addons which you never use and doesn’t lets them creep in along with the apps you chose. This is one of the best uses of web we’ve come across for a first times which is enough to set him high praising!