Friday, January 8, 2010

Convert your favorite Youtube videos to ringtones Online!

While on Youtube, often you come across some vidoes which have some great audio and now you want to have it as your ringtone or just save a .mp3 file. Here is a solution online. Just visit and paste the address of the youtube video you were watchihng from the address bar of your browser. The wesite also suggests trimming off the part of the video which has no sound or audio and does it automatically for you if you want, just at ta click of a button.
Or you can manually set the starting and end point of the audio file you want to save.
Now it provides 3 options to have your file , all for free. You can download from various formats provided as an option, or you can have it mailed directly to your inbox and finally you can have it sent directly to your phone, It's that easy.
So next time you want to have your favorite video as a ringtone, direct your browser to