Saturday, January 16, 2010

How to remap Keyboard keys to perform desired functions?

Have multimedia keyboards?? with special keys resting without being used quite often? or have some special keys on your newly brought laptop, which to you, are nothing more than just an eye-candy? Be more productive and reassign those uselesharpkeys 1ss keys to perform common tasks or accessing your computer using Sharpkeys.

Just download and install sharpkeys and change the functionality of any key on your keyboard. Press Type key and then press the key you want to remap. In the right panel, choose the application you want key to be assigned to, or just press the key you want to switch functioning with. This is extremely useful in some laptops with misplaced Function key in the extreme bottom left which annoys you quite often as it gets pressed when you want to press Ctrl.Now you can switch the key to function as Ctrl. Click on Write to Registry. After making changes just reboot or Logoff and theredownload you go ready with new functionality!

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