Sunday, January 10, 2010

How to automatically start your computer, Download and shutdown at desired time?

  Many internet plans, the world over,Ecran_Mode_Veille are Time slot based, for ex. night unlimited Plans. Such Subscribers, if want Your computers to automatically Start and download at certain time in night and switch off in the morning as the free Time slot ends, can use a few tricks to get the task done.

How to start your computer at certain time?

kalarmMethod 1. Use BIOS Built-in feature: Many BIOS have features to auto start the system at certain specified time. To enter into your BIOS, Press DEL while the computer is just switched on.( The key might differ for your system, F2 or F12) This will display a Blue screen. This is your BIOS(Basic Input Output System) search for Power Options and Start By Alarm, Set it to ENABLED( again the option might differ depending on your BIOS). Set the desired time. Press F10 to Save and exit. Your computer will auto start at the time you specified.

Method 2. Download Auto power-on and shutdown for windows. This software does the job of starting yourdownload PC at certain time, and if your BIOS does not have starting by Alarm option, then this can come to your rescue. Set it to auto start your system at a specific time , but the system must be in a hibernate state, i.e you must NOT shutdown your system, just hibernate it.

                                                                                                                       Download [Via Lifsoft]

How to shutdown your system at certain time?

Shutdown32424 Method 1. Download slawdog’s smart shutdown for windows: Smart shutdown is a 5 star nifty tool downloadwhich gives you lots of options before turning off your computer. Set it to complete certain tasks like  emptying the Recycle Bin or close all your apps before turning off your machine, then decide how long you want your computer to be idle before Smart Shutdown comes into action.

                                                                   Download [Via Slawdog]

Method 2. Use Windows Run command to auto shutdown at time you set. Start > Run and type the following statement  “At 08:00 shutdown –s –t where “08:00” can be replaced by the time you want as per a 24 hour clock format.

OR type “Shutdown –s –t 3600” where “3600” is the seconds (3600 sec = 1 Hour) after which you want your computer to shutdown. This will pop-up a dialog box with timer which will shutdown the system after specified time.

This window can’t be closed by other means. To shutdown, Type “Shutdown –a” and this will kill the dialog box that has opened. In windows 7 there will just be a pop-up in the system Tray instead of dialog box.

For advanced users, you can create a batch file with the “At 08:00…” statement and put it in the start-up folder of windows.

How to auto start the Downloads?3d warmblended

All you need to do is to set the “Scheduling options” in the download manager or torrent client you use to start download at few minutes after you have set your computer to auto-start. 

This will get your Job done in no time and with ease.

With all said and done, remember to keep the power supply switch or UPS on!