Thursday, April 16, 2009

5 excellent online document storages

Tomorrow is the last date for your presentation at your workplace or college and you do not have enough matter to compose your presentation! This is one of the most deadly state of crisis which an employee encounters! The clock ticks like a timer of a bomb that could explode within the next few hours! for the students it's less troubles but still it counts!! what could be better of a savior if a collection of documents related to your next day presentation is at your disposal?
we have surveyed and collected 5 best sites which host the content in form of documents and office supported formats such as .docx, .doc, .pdf, .ppt(x) etc.

Docstoc - Extremely useful community-powered service for sharing all kinds of business document templates. If you need a professional document, Docstoc is the first place to check out. Whether it’s a legal document, a business form or whatever is out there. Docstoc was launched just recently but already counts over 65.000 user-submitted documents, covering legal, business, financial, technology, and education areas.

(2) Scribd - Scribd has the biggest document collection, but it’s not focused on professional documents alone. It’s more like a virtual document library, where anyone can freely upload and share any kind of text documents (jokes, facts, stories, legal, presentations, etc.). Although, there is a good deal of useless stuff, it still has lots of legal forms and document templates.

(3) Gazhoo - Unlike Docstoc, Gazhoo is a marketplace for legal, financial and business documents, case studies and research papers. Mainly it’s a place to buy and sell professional documents. However, with the exception of few scarce document types (i.e. market research papers) most of the listed documents are free. So, it’s a pretty good resource as well.

(4) whereisdoc
This is a search engine for documents online. Helps you search various documents in different formats online.

This is basically a sharing site. but we found that it has a huge collection of documents on it too.
likewise we have that also hosts tons of content and is very popular amongst users.

So do not hesitate to turn towards the loyal online friends of yours the next time you find yourself in a fix! On the first go they sure can help you get a descent presentation and valuable matter and templates and the rest lies on the way you present!