Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Rename multiple files without hassles. (Platform: Win XP)

Had you ever been in a situation when you had selected a few files out of a collection of hundreds and just needed to distinguish them from others? in case of image management a trick might come handy. A simple trick will help you do so without any hassles!
Without using any software it’s easy to rename all files in a folder and get them organized in a sequence.
Just Select all the files in a folder that you need to distinguish or bulk rename( holding Ctrl and clicking on desired files), then right click on any file and select Rename. Rename the file which u had right clicked to any name you want to be used as a prefix to other files. for example, rename the file to "my picture" and Hit enter and the other files will be renamed automatically to my picture(1), my picture(2)...and so on.
just in case you want to remane files as (1),(2),(3)...then while renaming the selected file juss press Alt+255 and then press enter. All other files-folder selected will be automatically renamed to (2), (3), ..and so on. But u’ll see that the file which u selected for rename has no visible name-rename it to "1".

Alt+255 is used to allow a folder to have no visible name( a space instead).

This trick comes handy for better organization of files on you PC.