Thursday, April 30, 2009

Convert your document and music files online for free!

You’ve worked whole night and prepared a report to display to all in at your workplace. You plug-in your flash drive and try to open it, but to all your surprise, you fail to find an application that supports the format you saved your document in. All your seconds to fame and appreciation goes off in a whisk. Thankfully there are online apps that save you from the embarrassment of fiddling with the computer in hope that it plays the file!

Capture_002They’re called Zamzar , and they will convert your files from one format to another. (i.e. convert a word document into a PDF, or a .AVI file into a .FLV file.)

All you have to do is to upload your file to Zamzar’s servers, they will Capture_001convert the file into the designated format, and then they’ll mail you a link to download your converted file. The service is  dead simple and works well. The turnaround time varies between 20 minues and three to four hours. It seems to depend on what type of file conversion you are doing, as well as how much traffic they’re dealing with. Rumor has it that they are adding servers and working to speed up  those long delays. The list of file types users can convert from / to is pretty extensive and most of the time you’re sure to find your desired format. In situations where you have no access to offline means of conversion, just go for this nifty online application which will save you from panicking.