Monday, April 20, 2009

Make the most out of your XP system!

Here i will give you some awesome( for a few, LAME!) tricks that canWindows_XP_Logo help you make the most out of your XP based system. In this article i will basically stick to tricks for increasing accessibility in XP and thereby making it more user friendly for you!

TRICK/TIP 1 Keep an easily accessible folder for copying files any time using the “SEND TO” menu.

STEP 1:  For this trick, just create a folder of any name in your program files folder or any other place so that its location is not easily guessable by others accessing your pc. It can be either your  c:\windows folder or any location of your choice.

STEP 2: Go to “folder options” in “tools” option of your m enu bar, click “VIEW” and check “show hidden files and folders” so that all hidden folders are visible now.

STEP 3: Now go to “ C:\Documents and Settings\USERNAME\SendTo” where USERNAME is the current user which is logged-in!

STEP 4: Create a new shortcut to the folder you had created in step one by any name! ( you can also go to the folder and click “Send to” on its right click menu and select “DESKTOP”. now cut the shortcut from the desktop and paste it in the send to folder in step 3.4-20-2009 11-34-55 PM

there you go! Now you can right click on any folder or file in windows explorer and click “Send to” and select the name of the shortcut you made in step 4! the file or folder will be copy pasted in that folder! so now you have a secret folder to paste files in!


TRICK/TIP 2 Access your favorite programs by just typing their first alphabets in RUN.

This trick is pretty simple to do and is very useful when you want to amaze your friends with your XP friendliness. suppose you want to access Firefox but do not want its icon to clutter space on your desktop then how it would be if you could just type “F” in the RUN and get Firefox running?? sounds cool??? herez how to do it!

Step 1: Just select Firefox ( or any other application) shortcut from the desktop and rename it by pressing F2 key to the first alphabet of its name ( for example: “F” for Firefox).

STEP 2: Now cut the shortcut and paste it into “c:\Windows\System32”

here you go. you can now access firefox just by typing “F” in the RUN.( access RUN by pressing “Win+R” ).

TRICK/TIP 3  To completely hide the folder

STEP 1: Click on it(single) then press F2(for rename).

STEP 2: Now hold ALT key and pres 0160 then hit the enter.

STEP 3: Now right click on that folder go to properties -go to customize -> click on change icon -> scroll among the icons and you can find a blank space for icon ->select it will done. To make it more effective right click on it go to properties set attributes to hidden.

Hope you enjoyed this post! please leave your comments that rejuvenates me to find & write more better stuff!