Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bid Adios to your Flatbed scanner, digicams do well!

Only scanners do well when it comes to getting a soft copy of the matter you hold in hand. what if you do not have a scanner with you?? wish there should be some cheaper way to get the job done?
Snapter to the rescue!
This 11 mb application will need you to take a snap of your documents using a descent digital camera and it will process the image into better looking copies which can be used as a substitute to the soft copies of your matter. though it also depends a great deal on the way you held the camera, and the quality of the picture you just snapped, but snapter also provides some correcting means and methods to get improved picture quality. all you have to make sure is that you keep the document on a table with differentiating and single color and no other object should come into view.

In our tests, it proved to work just fine only if you have good light arrangements in the room and a prety descent camera.
But it can be a good tool if you're struck in a state of emergency and urgently need a scanner.

Download [snapter]