Thursday, April 16, 2009

Play videos in paintbrush! Windows Easter Egg (Platform: Win XP)

This is just an easter egg in windows and i 'm sure many of you already know about it! for others, you friends will be amazed to see when you play videos in Microsoft paint and resize the video pane. That sounds pretty cool. so, lets see howz its done..
step 1. Play any video file in VLC or other player. maximixe it!
step 2. press Print screen once(somewhere near your f12 key on standard qwerty KB). this creates a screenshot of the current screen.
step 3. Press Ctrl + C to copy it to the system clipboard.
step 4. open paintbrush.
step 5. press ctrl + V to paste the clipboard contents.

there you go...
you will have a video playing in paintbrush. control it using the controls on the player which it was playing on. bet on how many of your friends can do that? pretty lame i know but an easter egg is meant to be so, unofficially!