Thursday, April 30, 2009

Panda cloud Antivirus puts cloud computing to best use! Security!

Imagine how would it be if some of the world’s most powerful Capture_003computers come to rescue your poor “not so powerful” system from attacks of most malicious of the viruses and codes! That sounds extremely Empowering!! Well actually thats what the concept of Cloud computing embeds in! Using the processor clocks of the machines connected through a network to perform a power hungry task.  

Panda systems have now come up with a freely downloadable antivirus that is empowered by the concept. It uses the power of cloud computing to scan and eliminate viruses from your PC that can identify new malware in almost real time. Unlike traditional antivirus applications that relied on the power of the individual system for scanning and waited for an update to scanning definitions to be made available by the developer company on the parent site server, Cloud Antivirus uses their cloud system to do the work of classifying and scanning for new viruses, and is constantly updated with the latest virus information based on information from every other PC running the antivirpic

Currently available only for 32 bit systems, the client side application takes a nominal space of mere 16 mb and guess what? neither were the antivirus definitions bulky! just took some kbeees.

while it is one of the first products coming up exploiting the power of cloud computing to make your system more secure, we expect more developers putting it to use. The coming world expects to see more efficient uses of the concept. Till they arrive, this nifty but enormously powerful scanner will be worth a try.

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